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  1. Strao - 2019

    Every spring, eight weeks prior to Easter, a procession of flower-draped draught horses rides to the beach to wash their legs in Zeeland’s sea water. The strao, an age-old tradition on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland, concerns six villages: Renesse, Burgh-Haamstede, Noordwelle, Ellemeet, Scharendijke and Serooskerke. The evil spirits, which according to old tales would have gathered in the horses’ legs, are rinsed out. 

  2. Monuments of Humanity - 2017

    In the project Monuments of Humanity, Janne van Gilst researches the way we mark the landscape surrounding us.
    Inspired by archaeological research methods, she created a series of images in which the landscape of the Scottisch archipelago Orkney plays the leading role.
    The Neolithic monuments, that were carefully placed by man within this landscape, stand in stark contrast with the random interventions of the modern age. 

  3. Artefact - 2017

    The project Artefact presents images of nine objects found on a farm.
    Each item was made for a very specific purpose and from materials that were in easy reach at the time they were made.
    The collection celebrates the inventive skills embedded in day to day traditional farming.

  4. Shorelines - 2016

    The series 'Shorelines' consists out of six images of dissected landscapes, taken on a journey through the U.K. in 2015.

  5. Where The Trees Have Names - 2016

    The project ‘Where The Trees Have Names'  stems from a 4500 km journey through the United-Kingdom,
    researching the profound relationship between the Brits and their surroundings.
    Resulting in a collection of stories, photographs and physical objects.  

    Mountain #1, Glen Shiel Valley, Scotland

    Mountain #1, Glen Shiel Valley, Scotland

  6. Vlakexperimenten - 2015

    In the series ‘Vlakexperimenten’ the Dutch landscape is dissected with an almost scientific precision.
    The impact of people as well as the cultural historical build up of the landscape are revealed this way.

  7. Geestgrond - 2013

    Growing up on the island of Noord-Beveland in the Netherlands, I developed an awareness of the landscapes I was surrounded with.
    The many stories and myths passed on from generation to generation within my family, provided these surroundings with an inseparable expressiveness.
    These island traditions are captured in the series ‘Geestgrond’.