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  1. Strao

    Photobook about the 'strao' tradition

    Text: Arita Baaijens / Huib Uil / Roos Gortzak
    Design: Lisa Laperre
    Size: 24 x 27,5 cm
    Pages: 120
    Edition: 500
    ISBN: 978-90-824206-9-2
    Price: € 38,00

    Text and images © Janne van Gilst

    Order at: info@jannevangilst.nl or bol.com
  2. Artefact

    Leporello made as a part of the project 'Artefact'

    Design by Lisa Laperre,
    Printed on Biotop paper

    13×18 cm

    Text and images © Janne van Gilst

    Order at: info@jannevangilst.nl 

  3. Geestgrond

    Book Geestgrond, 2013, 18x25 cm, Linnen hard cover, Off-set print,
    Mu╠łncken Polar paper, edition of 100, design by Max Lennarts,
    preface: Fragment from ‘Onrust’ by J.M.A Biesheuvel, 1974

    Text and images © Janne van Gilst

  4. Concert at SEA

    Posters from the photoseries 'Sea of Shapes' comissioned by Concert at SEA.

    B2: 50x70 cm -  €19,95 (Scaffolding, container, tents)
    A2:42x60 cm - €14,95 (Discoballs, foil, builder)

    Excl. frame & shipping costs

    Order by mail: info@jannevangilst.nl