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  1. Provincie Zeeland

    Two series made in assignment for the Province of Zeeland for the project 'Zeeland, Land in Zee'

    Schelphoek, Serooskerke

    Schelphoek, Serooskerke

  2. Zeeuws Museum

    Photographs of  several art pieces, part of the exhbition Zeeuws Musem x Das Leben Am Haverkamp. 
    Objects © Das Leben Am Haverkamp

  3. Expatriate Archive Center

    Pictures of objects from the archive.
    Assignment for the Expat Archive Center in The Hague.
    Carried out in collaboration with Thomas Nondh Jansen.

  4. Lucia Javicoli

    Still lifes in collaboration with visual artist Lucia Javicoli.

  5. Das Leben Am Haverkamp

    Various visuals for fashion collective Das Leben Am Haverkamp. Interior shots of the exhibition and showroom presentation at Atelier Neérlandais during Paris Fashion Week, background visuals for Amsterdam Fashion Week and product shots of the collections by Gino Anthonisse, Christa van der Meer, Anouk van Klaveren and Dewi Bekker. 

  6. Landmark #1

    For Landmark #1 the same technique was used as the project 'Vlakexperimenten',
    but then applied on the building of the European Patent Office in Rijswijk.
    The work consists out of three layers, to point out the architectural elements of the building.
    A project initiated by Thomas Pieper.